Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Great Mate Debate

Now that I have just posted about our success having financial dates I will write about our biggest debate..  at present both of our cars are long paid off (Mrs. CC has had hers for 10 years and I have had mine for 8).. also both cars were purchased used so now they are starting to show their age however we still love them both. .

While I tend to really focus on saving money and trying to make the most frugal decisions my wife is much better at achieving balance in everything she does..

She has owned 3 different Jeeps in her life and longs to own another Jeep Wrangler... I on the other hand have taken great notice of the MPGs offered by the Toyota Pruis and the new Accord Hybrid.. Our 'debates' on this topic boil down to this: Jeeps are fun, look cool, have tops that come off, and she loves them.. other cars have better MPG, are rated better for reliability, and depreciate much slower..  now this debate has raged on for 5years mind you..

We both agreed to go down to the auto show this year with open minds to see what we could find to make us both happy...  here comes a HUGE surprise!  her favorite car at the auto show was the wrangler and mine was the accord hybrid...  Great!  glad we paid $30 bucks to get in, fought the crowds, and sat in like 500 cars...

at the end of the day it proved that we both like what we like..  my new thought on the Jeep is if we can find a used 2 door for less than $15k that makes her happy.. well there are worse things..  as for my car.. I will pick out one as soon as my old Saab has had enough..  so who knows maybe i'll end up buying a 2016 prius or a 2017 accord whenever the time is right..

thanks for reading about our great mate debate!  many walks in the greenbelt have been spent debating the merits of these different vehicle choices.. what do you think.. Prius or Wrangler??


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